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Furniture Heritage Digital Reconstruction Workshop

Don't let your masterpieces sleep
Give them a second life through a new dimension

Meet the team

A cool magician

ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction


My name is Philippe, I am a cabinet maker, a marqueter and a furniture reconstruction wizard.

​You want to bring an exceptional experience for your visitors?

I give them an easy way to enter the soul of your masterpieces.

This is where the magic happens!

ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction
ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction

"Through this research work, I aim to demonstrate the importance of documenting, monitoring, studying and disseminating the world's cultural heritage in the history of furniture."

Philippe Dechenaux

Through rigorous digital reconstruction work, Philippe aims to break down the barriers between traditional and digital arts and apply the outcomes of his research to the preservation and sharing of cultural heritage.

Areas of expertise

Magic powder, amulet, charm, potion, grimoire...

ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction






On-site measurements

Photogrammetry / 3D scanner


High detailed 3D modelling

Mechanism reconstruction

Interactive 3D animation

Vidéo editing


​​Interactive touch kiosks

Online integration


3D printing

Technical drawings

Technical reports

The magic

Give a new dimension to your collections

They deserve to be enlightened

A few example of our reconstructions

When you can interact within a real-time environment, it's much better!

Click and dive into the impossible.

Jean-Henri Riesener, Chest-of-drawers, 1772-1773. Château de Chantilly (OA245).

How magic happens

How is the your masterpieces reconstruction coming along

ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction


On site, all dimensions and details of the furniture are carefully collected (measurements, photos, 3D scanner).

We can also work from your own documents (photos, 3D model).
We identify the different materials as well as the different kinematics (openings, mechanisms).
In collaboration with your teams, we build an adapted reconstruction scenario (video film, real-time immersion, touchscreen terminal, virtual reality, etc.); this will offer a unique experience to your visitors.

Reconstruction creation

Based on these elements, a long reconstruction process begins.
A first 3D model is made in order to validate the construction.
Several steps follow : texturing, lightning, 3D animations, compositing.
Detailed technical drawings can be produced on request.


Your masterpiece is now back to life!


The animation produced is then integrated into your website and/or your interactive terminal.
Regarding the integration to your website, all the necessary data are provided to your webmaster.
The touchscreen & VR terminals, for their part, are installed and commissioned by our teams.

So, why choose ExploVision?

Surely a good choice

ExploVision_Digital Furniture Reconstruction

Guaranted faithful reproduction of your masterpieces

ExploVision Increasing

Attracting new visitors

Increasing your website attractivity

ExploVision Discovery

Offering to your visitors a unique experience and an easy way to learn the history

ExploVision Enlighening

Enlightening your collections

ExploVision Database

Building a unique working database

ExploVision Studying

Studying furniture construction easily without damaging the original masterpiece

We have already accomplished great things together!

ExploVision_Chateau de Versailles
ExploVision_Wallace Collection
ExploVision_Waddesdon Manor
ExploVision_Mobilier National
ExploVision_Royal Collection
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